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Yes, Please! Our Fashion Director’s Weekly Shopping List

These are my top recommendations on what to shop for right now. My obsessions, the pieces I am loving, and those items you should definitely invest in from what’s new in stores this week. NET-A-PORTER,, The Outnet, Saks Fifth Avenue, and many more, I have looked at it all and chosen the best of the best.

Featuring new sunglasses, the to-die-for floral dress, gorgeous flat shoes, must-have handbags, and so much more… I am sure you will find something you love! Here are the pieces you can’t miss this week. It’s time to take your wardrobe into Spring.

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The Best Summer Evening Bags For Day

Want to add a little sass to your warm weather wardrobe? Try carrying an evening bag before dark. Time is valuable and with this easy trick you can head from day into night without any hitches, and maybe even score a few extra minutes for yourself in between. We especially love satin, velvet, cinched handles, and subtle embellishments for this look—scroll down to shop some of our favorite options.

VIDEO: 12 Perfect Outfit Ideas for Spring

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Here Are the Best Bags from Paris Fashion Week

Micro, oversized, handheld, backpack—whatever your preferred handbag style is, Paris Fashion Week had it all. And lucky for you, we’ve rounded up all the best bags from this season’s round of runway shows.

VIDEO: 10 Teeny-Tiny Purses to Help You Downsize This Spring

From a fabulous fur clutch to a trunk with a shoulder strap to the miniest of mini bags, here are our picks for the best bags from Paris Fashion Week 2017.

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Best 360 Camera: Insta360 Nano

360 cameras are basically time machines. Because they simultaneously shoot in every direction, replaying their footage on a computer, phone, or with a VR headset endows you with a Groundhog Day-like ability to step back into a scene, with a new opportunity to look around and notice things you may have missed the first time. If you want to seriously inspect everybody’s expression the second you broke the big news, this is for you.

It’s also a nascent space, with improvements in resolution, form factor, and price coming at an astonishing pace. To test the current batch of 360 cameras, we teamed up with Justin Johnson, founder of 360 Buzz and a veteran 360 filmmaker. All the models we tested have their merits: the Samsung Gear 360 ($183) is great if you have a recent Samsung phone to pair it with, while the Ricoh Theta ($300) rocks at static 360 photos. Still, for most casual users, the clear winner is currently the Insta360 Nano. It doesn’t produce the highest resolution videos, nor does it possess the most features; but its insanely portable design and pick-up-and-play ease-of-use make it a keeper.

BUY: Insta360 Nano, $186;

VIDEO: LuMee’s LED Light Phone Case

The Insta360 Nano is basically a smartphone case that works by slipping onto an iPhone and transforming a device you already have on you into a powerful production tool. As the old saying goes: “The best camera is the one you have on you.”

Wins for: Portability

Noteworthy features:

  • Easy to carry with you at all times
  • Plugs into your iPhone, making it easy to share footage.

See the rest of Beauterage‘s 2017 Best of Tech picks here.

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Even Sporty Kate Middleton Is the Picture of Elegance in Stylish Kicks

Dressing like a duchess may seem out of reach for most, but Kate Middleton always seems to find a way to marry perfect style with accessibility—and we can’t thank her enough. After all, who doesn’t want to dress like a princess?

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From her go-to travel shoe, to her always-flattering outfit choices, the duchess inspires us to look our very best on the road.

But it isn’t all black-tie affairs. Last week Princess Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry attended a charity run where we saw a more sporty side of the royal family.

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The trio arrived at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park ready to race. Prince Harry and Prince William wore casual pants, sneakers and sweaters as they lined up to run the first leg of a five-person relay. Kate joined them in a pair of black jeans, lightweight coat and black and white New Balance sneakers—the perfect outfit for both hitting the track and enjoying the rest of her day walking around London.

Vazee Transform Training Shoe

New Balance
| $90


Not only are these sneakers the perfect combination of comfort and style that can bring you from the airport, to the gym and around the streets of your favorite city, they are also very affordable, making them a win in our book.

VIDEO: 4 Ways to Work Out Without Killing Your Budget

Perhaps she’s planning to join her husband while he runs his first marathon? Either way, we’ll definitely be channeling this look on our next trip.

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The Designer Diaper Bag You’ll Want to Carry Even If You Don’t Have a Baby

When Nasiba Adilova and Miroslava Duma launched The Tot two years ago, they did so with the intent to solve issues and address concerns that affect mothers everywhere through smart editorial and a curated inventory of tried-and-tested products. One of those issues? The absence of a chic diaper bag on the market. They took matters into their hands and teamed up with designer (and fashion industry darling) Mary Katrantzou to launch what they consider the dream diaper bag. It boasts all the elements of a luxury designer tote, but with the added benefit of being incredibly versatile, with practical compartments designed to hold everything, from diapers to binkies.

“When I was pregnant, there were many beautiful choices for a diaper bag, but none of them would fit everything I needed,” Adilova explains. “I wanted a simple bag, like Louis Vuitton or Goyard; basically, a fashionable tote for fashionable moms that didn’t look like a diaper bag.”

The bag underwent three redesigns until it met their criteria—a wider, roomier shape (to hold a lot more stuff), an additional longer strap (that you can hang on every kind of stroller), a more durable, water-resistant leather (the inside lining is water-resistant as well), a bigger zipper (to help you zip, even if the bag is stuffed to the brim), and a larger waterproof changing pad (that you can unclip from inside the bag). As for the print, Adilova and Duma went through Katrantzou’s design archives and selected two styles: a Mongolian stamp from her collection, where she replaced the original text with “The Tot,” and a white horse (that they call a unicorn in-house).

With a $1,700 price tag, the diaper bag isn’t cheap. But Adilova insists that it’s not expensive, either. In fact, she says Katrantzou had wanted to mark it up even higher. And compared with other high-end diaper bags (made out of nylon, FYI), which start at $2,000, this one is considered to be on the affordable end of the designer bag spectrum. “Yes, you can find very cheap diaper bags, but they don’t look like fashion bags. They’re not very well made, you’ll use it only for a couple of years, and you’ll probably throw it away,” she says. “The great thing about this one is that it makes a really great travel bag after. This one will last you forever.”

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And only a week after its launch, they’ve already been receiving positive feedback. “The result is fantastic,” Adilova says. “People have bought it, written to us to say there’s nothing else like it on the market. They love it.”

Only 180 of the limited-edition Mary Katrantzou diaper bags were made, so head to to grab one for yourself—even if you don’t have a child.

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The 10 Fashion Pieces You Should Buy in February (Because We Definitely Are)

Congrats to us all—we made it through January, the coldest month of the year! And now we’re onto the second coldest month of year! But now that spring finally feels like it’s somewhat within reach, it’s giving us fever dreams of warm weather, and as such, warm-weather purchases, like a punchy red bag, crisp white sneakers, checked blazers, and darling knotted kitten heels. But then there are some of us who are still making practical purchases—OK, it’s just me and my suede boots. Find out to see what you should be buying this month, because we definitely are.

VIDEO: Spring Fashion Trends We’re Looking Forward to in 2017

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Swatch’s New Thin Watches Will Thrill Your Inner Minimalist

Swatch has designed the answer for those times you’ve just needed a simple, sophisticated watch to put that finishing touch on any outfit.

Swatch’s new Skin series introduces 11 new styles for both men and women that are, in a nutshell, “simple, easy-to-wear elegance,” as the company describes in a press release.

You can go casual with a simple with silicone band or dress up an outfit with a mesh or chain-link strap. Plus, the watches come in a variety of colors, like a bubble gum pink, a navy blue, and a stark white. The lightweight pieces—the latest from the company’s thinnest watch line—are available in regular or large sizes and give wearers “a sense of freedom and the inspiration to move.”

VIDEO: 11 Celebrities Who Design Killer Shoe Collections

The collection itself is inspired by “the thrill of the unknown, the beauty of movement, and the anticipation of change.” Keep your eye on Swatch’s social media channels and the hashtag #YourMove to explore different stories of self-expression and creative freedom.

Scroll down below for some of our favorites from the collection (prices range from $110 to $130). Shop them all on now and in stores from March 23.

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Best Fitness Tracker: Fitbit Alta HR

Thanks to Fitbit’s latest offering, you can now find out how many steps you walk each day and how many hours you spend in REM sleep. In March, the wearables brand—which essentially dominates the field in terms of fitness trackers that are both efficient and stylish—debuted its newest model, the Alta HR. An update to Fitbit’s previous Alta model, the HR features automatic exercise recognition and sleep stage tracking. It’s the brand’s slimmest design to feature continuous PurePulse heart rate tracking, which was previously only available in Fitbit’s bulkier Charge 2 wristband ($130), Blaze fitness watch ($150), and Surge GPS watch ($250). With a sleek design that delivers smartphone notifications right to your tracker’s screen, the Alta HR is also a more desirable fitness tracker than the brand’s screen-less Flex 2 ($60) (and it has much more to offer than an old-school clip-on device, such as the Fitbit One).

BUY: Fitbit Alta HR, $130;

In addition to its impressive round-the-clock tracking of your activities, the wristband is small enough that it won’t bulk up a cute outfit (and it’s comfortable enough for sleeping). The standard stainless steel model comes with your choice of four water-resistant band colors; for another $50 you can get one of two limited-edition trackers, such as the rose gold style (pictured). Interchangeable leather straps and a stainless steel bracelet can be easily swapped out for the classic style, and accessories that fit the original Alta also work with the HR model (in case you’ve been eying the Public School bracelet ($295) or Simply Vera Vera Wang’s studded wrap-around design, $80). When it comes to updating your wearable game, consider this your friendly “reminder to move.”

Wins for: Appearance and functionality

Noteworthy features:

  • Heart rate tracking
  • Sleep stage tracking
  • Automatic exercise recognition (running, elliptical, bike)
  • In-display smartphone notifications
  • 7-day battery life
  • Interchangeable wristbands

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13 Bags That Will Fit All Your Junk

As New York Magazine so brilliantly pointed out, German chancellor Angela Merkel loves shuffling through an oversize, stuffed tote. Sometimes it’s leather, sometimes nylon. Sometimes the bag has a top handle! Other times, it’s a shoulder bag. But always, and I mean always, Merkel is constantly digging, searching, and foraging for … well, who knows.

We can relate. Everyone has that one bag that’s so big it could double as a piece of carry-on luggage. You hold your laptop, your phone, your wallet, your breast pump, your lunch, and a makeup kit all in one giant abyss of a thing. Need your mascara? TOO BAD! It’s all the way at the bottom. Regardless, we love this must-have elephant of an accessory.

VIDEO: Three Ways to Wear a Cross-Body Bag

So here are our favorites that will fit all your junk. You’re welcome, Angela.