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The Best Summer Evening Bags For Day

Want to add a little sass to your warm weather wardrobe? Try carrying an evening bag before dark. Time is valuable and with this easy trick you can head from day into night without any hitches, and maybe even score a few extra minutes for yourself in between. We especially love satin, velvet, cinched handles, and subtle embellishments for this look—scroll down to shop some of our favorite options.

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Here Are the Best Bags from Paris Fashion Week

Micro, oversized, handheld, backpack—whatever your preferred handbag style is, Paris Fashion Week had it all. And lucky for you, we’ve rounded up all the best bags from this season’s round of runway shows.

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From a fabulous fur clutch to a trunk with a shoulder strap to the miniest of mini bags, here are our picks for the best bags from Paris Fashion Week 2017.

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The Designer Diaper Bag You’ll Want to Carry Even If You Don’t Have a Baby

When Nasiba Adilova and Miroslava Duma launched The Tot two years ago, they did so with the intent to solve issues and address concerns that affect mothers everywhere through smart editorial and a curated inventory of tried-and-tested products. One of those issues? The absence of a chic diaper bag on the market. They took matters into their hands and teamed up with designer (and fashion industry darling) Mary Katrantzou to launch what they consider the dream diaper bag. It boasts all the elements of a luxury designer tote, but with the added benefit of being incredibly versatile, with practical compartments designed to hold everything, from diapers to binkies.

“When I was pregnant, there were many beautiful choices for a diaper bag, but none of them would fit everything I needed,” Adilova explains. “I wanted a simple bag, like Louis Vuitton or Goyard; basically, a fashionable tote for fashionable moms that didn’t look like a diaper bag.”

The bag underwent three redesigns until it met their criteria—a wider, roomier shape (to hold a lot more stuff), an additional longer strap (that you can hang on every kind of stroller), a more durable, water-resistant leather (the inside lining is water-resistant as well), a bigger zipper (to help you zip, even if the bag is stuffed to the brim), and a larger waterproof changing pad (that you can unclip from inside the bag). As for the print, Adilova and Duma went through Katrantzou’s design archives and selected two styles: a Mongolian stamp from her collection, where she replaced the original text with “The Tot,” and a white horse (that they call a unicorn in-house).

With a $1,700 price tag, the diaper bag isn’t cheap. But Adilova insists that it’s not expensive, either. In fact, she says Katrantzou had wanted to mark it up even higher. And compared with other high-end diaper bags (made out of nylon, FYI), which start at $2,000, this one is considered to be on the affordable end of the designer bag spectrum. “Yes, you can find very cheap diaper bags, but they don’t look like fashion bags. They’re not very well made, you’ll use it only for a couple of years, and you’ll probably throw it away,” she says. “The great thing about this one is that it makes a really great travel bag after. This one will last you forever.”

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And only a week after its launch, they’ve already been receiving positive feedback. “The result is fantastic,” Adilova says. “People have bought it, written to us to say there’s nothing else like it on the market. They love it.”

Only 180 of the limited-edition Mary Katrantzou diaper bags were made, so head to to grab one for yourself—even if you don’t have a child.

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The 10 Fashion Pieces You Should Buy in February (Because We Definitely Are)

Congrats to us all—we made it through January, the coldest month of the year! And now we’re onto the second coldest month of year! But now that spring finally feels like it’s somewhat within reach, it’s giving us fever dreams of warm weather, and as such, warm-weather purchases, like a punchy red bag, crisp white sneakers, checked blazers, and darling knotted kitten heels. But then there are some of us who are still making practical purchases—OK, it’s just me and my suede boots. Find out to see what you should be buying this month, because we definitely are.

VIDEO: Spring Fashion Trends We’re Looking Forward to in 2017

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13 Bags That Will Fit All Your Junk

As New York Magazine so brilliantly pointed out, German chancellor Angela Merkel loves shuffling through an oversize, stuffed tote. Sometimes it’s leather, sometimes nylon. Sometimes the bag has a top handle! Other times, it’s a shoulder bag. But always, and I mean always, Merkel is constantly digging, searching, and foraging for … well, who knows.

We can relate. Everyone has that one bag that’s so big it could double as a piece of carry-on luggage. You hold your laptop, your phone, your wallet, your breast pump, your lunch, and a makeup kit all in one giant abyss of a thing. Need your mascara? TOO BAD! It’s all the way at the bottom. Regardless, we love this must-have elephant of an accessory.

VIDEO: Three Ways to Wear a Cross-Body Bag

So here are our favorites that will fit all your junk. You’re welcome, Angela.

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Shop the Runway: The Best of Fashion Month’s See Now, Buy Now Collections

Gird your loins, fashion month is in the midst of a revolution. The shows—once contained a simple catwalk, spotlights, and a seated audience—are now fixated on Instagram-worthy moments, with front row seats reserved for top bloggers and some shows (take Rebecca Minkoff for example) even sending these digital influencers down the runway. Moreover, the way we consume the collections is seeing an evolution: Instead of waiting six months to get our hands on our favorite pieces, a heap of major brands are selling in-season stock fresh off the runway.

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So here’s what we’re doing: we’re tracking these “See Now, Buy Now” goodies through all four style capitals for your shopping pleasure. Check back here on the gallery below for updates on the very best new designs to hit stores. We can’t promise these pieces won’t sell out, so as the saying goes, see now, buy now while supplies last.

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10 Items You Need for Spring from Shopbop’s Marathon Sale

BREAKING: Shopbop’s having a major five day long sale, and no, we’re not crying—you’re crying. Starting today and going until March 5th at 4 a.m. ET, wide-eyed shoppers can visit Shopbop with the code GOBIG17 and get 15% off orders of $200+, 20% off orders of $500+, or 25% off orders of $800.

VIDEO: Spring Fashion Trends We’re Looking Forward To

From so-chic denim flares to flirty dresses galore, you’ll want everything this Shopbop sale has to offer. But just to get you in the mood, here are 10 spring forward must-haves we can’t believe are a part of this deal.

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Tibi Launches a Line of Handbags, and They’re All Gorg 

Beloved fashion brand Tibi is expanding into handbags, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Leading up their 20th anniversary, the brand’s creative director Amy Smilovic partnered up with accessories mastermind Myriam Schaefer (the famed designer behind Lariat bag for Balenciaga as well as her own namesake line of bags) to create The Tibi Chapeau Bags by Myriam Schaefer, a handbag line designed for the discerning woman who appreciates quality and refinement but always with functionality, a shared vision of Schaefer and Smilovic.

The bags come in three delectable styles: The Garcon, a cross-body; the Mignon, a satchel; and our personal fave, the Papa, a roomy tote that’s big enough to fit all the random stuff that we somehow accumulate throughout the day. Choose from black, cognac, or red, some accented with stripes of yellow and blue, others with unique denim detailing, and all of them priced from $850 to $1250.

The line will be available at, the Tibi flagship boutique in New York City, and select retailers beginning at the end of November.

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You’ll Never Guess the One Gift Chrissy Teigen Gives John Legend Every Christmas

John Legend is the ultimate gift giver. I mean, it’s not even Christmas yet and he’s already immortalized his wife and daughter in the music video for his latest hit, “Love Me Now.”

Legend sets the bar pretty high. Finding the perfect gift for your S.O. is hard enough as is, but being married to the most romantic man alive presents an added challenge. We can’t imagine the anxiety Chrissy Teigen feels when it’s time to pick a gift for Valentine’s Day—she’d better start planning now.

V-day aside, when Christmas comes around, Teigen has a plan. The model admitted to CNN that she gives her husband the same gift every year: “I get him a suede man bag every year that he looks forward to because he uses it every single day for that year.” Brilliant. “There’s nothing he looks forward to more than that bag.”

VIDEO: Baby Luna Eats Her First Solid Food

Want to steal some holiday gifting inspo from Teigen? Shop the collection of “suede man bags” assembled below.

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Saks Fifth Avenue’s New Fendi Holiday Capsule Collection Is the Colorful Punch Your Wardrobe Needs

Accessories are the starting point to incorporating more color into your wardrobe. Can’t find the right one? Behold, Saks Fifth Avenue’s new Fendi holiday capsule collection, an assortment of 16 exclusive, standout pieces that’ll elevate your next ensemble to street style-worthy levels.

Available now inside select Saks stores and online, the selection, which ranges between $650 and $3,050, includes backpacks, loafers, wallets, handbags, keychains, and sneakers dressed in rainbow-like graphic studs and stripes that, from afar, look like IRL emojis. In addition, pieces include a fall-ready sweatshirt with a bejeweled collar and a matching A-line denim skirt.

And while the collection itself is stellar, it comes to life inside Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York flagship, where the store’s windows are completely decked in all things Fendi. The best part? Fendi’s adorable Fendirumis (two fuzzy cartoon-like performers dubbed Piro-chan and Bug-kun) are set to make appearances at the Manhattan store and over on the West Coast. They’ll lend their explosive personalities to Beverly Hills on Oct. 29 from 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and in New York on Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 from 2 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

“Saks is known for offering our customers exciting and exclusive events, and partnering with Fendi was a fantastic way to highlight the brand’s iconic product, as well as create an immersive experience for our customers,” Saks Fifth Avenue Chief Merchant Tracy Margolies said in a statement.

See more of the collection below—and visit (or stores in Beverly Hills, Boston, Bal Harbour, Phoenix, Naples, Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York) to shop the full range.

We’re nothing but obsessed.